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Abstract Rhythms Midcalf

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for all US customers any size order & every day!
So mod, so Mondrian-inspired. There's a reason grid-based color fields have been a favorite design element for so long, they're simply fabulous!
75% combed cotton, 13% nylon, 9% polyester, 3% spandex

Soxks cares a lot about how you care for your socks. That's why they include a mesh laundry bag with each pair!
In short, they recommend hand washing in cool water and using the laundry bag if hand washing isn't possible. They don't specify the best drying method, but line drying is probably ideal.

Each pair comes in a darling fabric pouch, with a mesh wash bag and a pamphlet on their care.
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Designed by Brits and made in Taiwan by a small family company that puts much loving care into each pair of socks they create.

Label says these fit a EU 40-46, which is a US men's shoe size 8 -12 (or women's 10-14).

Hand stitched toe, embroidered logo at top of foot.