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Yes Virginia, there really is a Niqkita! ...okay, the truth is Niqkita is just one of several monikers and these days I am generally known as Niq which is also short for Monique... I grew up disliking my real name and changed it often, Monique stuck and is very close to what is on my birth certificate. With over 20 years of real life customer service & retail experience working for such wonderful establishments as Haagen Dazs~ the only job I was ever fired from, for eating ice cream on the job no less! Trader Joe's~ where I was actually paid to eat & learned to love large scale ordering, merchandising & management and... Powell's Books~ where I continued to work on an occasional basis for years after starting Sock Dreams; filling in, shelving books, ringing up customers & drooling over the many tasty books (to this day I have, and regularly add to, my ridiculously large cookbook collection. In the beginning I did everything from programing the website to wearing & photographing all the styles while still answering all the emails and filling all the orders. These days I don't have to worry about all the small details of our daily routines and get to focus on the bigger picture. I still spend a lot of time making sure there are plenty of socks being ordered to fulfill your orders, helping to answer hundreds of socky questions and taking pictures of our crew of Dreamers wearing the many styles we carry.


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