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As you may or may not be aware, one of the things we do best here at Sock Dreams is finding socks to fit legs of all sizes. Little did we know how little we knew about the littlest legs of all! Last week, while on a photo shoot out at Oneonta Falls, we stumbled across some of our biggest... I mean littlest fans! They were even kind enough to let us take some photos. Don't worry! We had them sign some tiny model release forms -- fairy lawyers are notoriously cutthroat.

If you've ever been to the Oneonta Gorge, then you probably understand what we mean when we tell you that this place is magical. For those of you who haven't been, we'll try to explain: Oneonta is a gorge within the Columbia River Gorge. It has extremely steep basalt rock walls, four waterfalls, and a creek which runs the length of it. It is a designated botanical area, because of the unique aquatic and woodland flora that grows there. Certain plants growing in Oneonta do not exist elsewhere on this planet, and as it turns out, it's not just the plants...

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There we were, hiking up the narrowest of ravines in search of the perfect vantage point, when suddenly we heard something that sounded exactly like the flutter of tiny gossamer wings! Turning slowly so as not to alarm any approaching fauna, we came face to face with some of the tiniest people we'd ever seen! It may sound strange, but out in the gorge that day we didn't think twice about this encounter.

In such a magical setting it seemed only natural to run into some allegedly mythical creatures, and so we ended up sitting down for a casual chat with our new companions!

So what did we talk about with the Wee Folk? Socks, obviously! The strangest thing about the appearance of fairies wasn't their very existence -- it was the fact that they were wearing perfectly scaled down versions of some of our Dream Stockings! According to the fairies, somebody dropped a smart phone in the gorge last summer, so while it still had power they were able to get online, and just happened to make it over to!

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They were so inspired by our designs that some of their more talented knitters had to recreate them, using black hawthorn spines for needles, and dyeing cobwebs with plants and berries to make the smallest gauge sock yarn imaginable!

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According to the fairies, they tend to be more elusive in the summer when humans are out and about: they like us well enough, but worry about the effects that our society would have on theirs should our worlds collide. Even so, we believe that if you're very calm and quiet when you go out into the wilderness, and if you're wearing your very dreamiest socks, you just might get a chance to meet these ethereal little people.

In fact, the fairies asked us to convey a message to our entire family of dreamers -- they wanted us to wish you all an incredibly happy April first!

Rosalind ~
on behalf of the entire Sock Dreams team

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